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Lisa Ann Wright: Welcome!

Human Peace Sign

Hello and welcome! Happiest of holidays to all ye who enter here. ;-)

Not much new to see here...yet! Working on some new songs and figuring out how to jump back in after not writing for a long time. Since I last was busy with songwriting, a few giants of the musical and literary world have passed-- Pete Seeger and Joe Bageant to name two favorites. 

And as environmentalist activist Alex Lotorto said, "Hillary (Acton) is dancing with Pete Seeger now" because of this BIG NEWS: Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York State, along with the Department of Health and Department of Environmental Conservation have announced a ban on high volume horizontal horizontal hydraulic fracturing (aka "fracking") in the state. This calls for celebration, but also a sense of responsibility for this outcome which requires that we all work toward healthier energy options and conservation. "Fracking" is too risky for a water-rich state like NY, but the farmers and large landowners who have lost the chance to make money from allowing fracking on their land deserve consideration and compassion. Many of them are older, and their prospects of making money from farming are slim to none. We owe them our support in other endeavors that are less risky to everyone's air and water.

Environmental issues like climate change and extreme energy extraction are difficult and demand all hands on deck to address them. We're all going to have to start acting like the "Who's" in Whoville if we want this planet to be a decent place for our kids. 

Concepts like "peace" are only attainable with the hard work, perseverance and attention of an intelligent, educated populace. May we all strive for a modicum of "heavenly peace" on earth.